Sep 1, 2006

Who shuffled da Cheez?

You gotta hand it over to the Cheezman !

Not content with innovating and helping us poor talent bloggers earn some moolah with Cheezads (like the one below this post) he's gone ahead and made uCheez, which he calls the Employment Site Shuffle (modelled on the iPod shuffle? ;-)

What's uCheez about? Very simple, if you have a employment related website, like a job board or blog, for some dollars you can get listed on the uCheez site so when folks click they randomly get taken to one of the sites. (Joel explains it here)

If you want to know how it works, click on the big red button on the left !

It might be useful for new job sites to get visibility, but in the end it boils to relevance and content on the site's part to convert these visitors into readers. It's a long tail...but there are lots of smaller long tails emerging from this long tail. How will Joel help his clients get better visibility?

As my prof used to say, most times the trade off is between Reach and Richness. More and more bloggers are getting into the job game, check this great roundup post with some great ideas by Shannon.

Update: After I posted this, even Cheezhead has gone down the Jobs route. However you can post jobs there for free. Not like Om or Crunch which charge you $200 per job posted !

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