Sep 26, 2006

Yale overhauls its MBA curriculum

Seems like Yale is overhauling its MBA curriculum (Hat tip: Business Innovation Insider).

The challenge for B-Schools has always been teaching functional areas and hope that the students are smart enough to synhesise it together. You see, a brand manager needs to worry about her budgets also, and think about the motivaion of her team members, and also look at how to inerface with the Sales group to implement her branding strategies and finally to calculate the ROI of those strategies.

Unfortunately, when Branding is taught in a B School, it is taught devoid of these other facts, and so a fairly smart MBA when in a branding job gets totally flummoxed.

It must have been Mintzberg's book and his criticism of the traditional MBA curriculum that is making Yale blend in a lot of 'context' into it's course.

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