Oct 4, 2006

Being judgemental

Apologies for the bad pun. I guess I can blame it on the season or something, because three different groups have asked me to judge some form of competition in October.

There are two Indian B Schools who've invited me for judging their HR paper writing competitions over this weekend and next week. I'll also be moderating a panel discussion in one of them on 'Diminishing Boundaries between the Management Fields'. That promises to be another exciting thing to do and look forward to and I haven't done it before. Come to think of it, I haven't judged a paper writing contest also before :-)

The third thing I would be judging is the Innovation Challenge for 2006, hosted by the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia, and apparently the world's largest MBA innovation competition. The exception is that I would be doing it for the third year in a row :D

So what would I be looking for? Well if you are participating in any one of the above three then here's an insider tip:

1. Focus on how implement-able your proposal is.
2. Try looking at everyday data/phenomena with new perspectives.

That's all I can share until now. More updates later.