Oct 3, 2006

Challenges for small town employers

AK Menon who's recently started a blog (disclosure: I am helping him set it up) blogs about the challenges that employers in smaller towns like Goa and Vizag face when hiring people.

My thinking is that once smaller towns have a critical mass of organizations in any industry, they would find it easy to hire people. No longer are we in an age where a town was defined by a large employer, like Tatanagar, Bhilai or Bokaro.

An employer set up a site in Chandigarh thinking they could get workforce from Delhi and the National Capital Region at a fraction of the cost of setting a workplace up in Gurgaon or Noida.

They were in for a rude shock, as attrition levels shot up as Chandigarh residents joined the office and then after gaining some experience moved to Delhi in droves. Somehow cost of living expenses took a backseat to the excitement of working in Gurgaon and getting a higher salary.

So the firm is now setting up another office in Gurgaon.