Oct 25, 2006

DIY Change

SystemicHR has an interesting ongoing series on "Sleepless nights in HR". I loved the bit he posted, quoting Andy Parsley on part 6- Managing Change:

Business journals are also brim full with articles about change. Ignore these too because they typically start from the Machiavellian premise that “people hate change”.

This is nonsense of course. People LOVE change – in fact they can hardly get enough of it.

Through the 1990s the UK DIY retail multiples experienced growth of over 185 per cent and in 2004 the sector was estimated to be enjoying a turnover of just over £7.3 billion. People hate change? And when the paint brushes and electric drills are put away for the night, these same people are tuning-in to makeover shows and gardening programmes.

People hate change? No, if people are involved in change (Do It YOURSELF) and their input to the process is valued they will readily engage with it.

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