Oct 1, 2006

For any wannabe entrepreneurs

I would absolutely recommend Pam's Escape from Cubicle nation blog. This post by her on how to make a shift from the mental model of a "job" is great specially since it resonates so well with what I am going through these days.

As she says:

The process of becoming a true, serial, (good) crazy entrepreneur is to view the world as a series of experiments. Instead of a subject matter expert, you want to become an expert in experimentation. And you want to plan on failing, falling on your face a few times, if for nothing else than to have a great story to tell your adoring stockholders and fans when you finally ring the bell at the opening of the New York Stock Exchange.

Pam lists the 5 things you should really work at making the shift. Read the full post to find out more :-)

  1. Start with What kind of work am I meant to do?, not What kind of business should I start?
  2. Forget about permanence.
  3. Operate in a state of confident ignorance
  4. Blow away your traditional thoughts of salary expectations.
  5. Be very open to firing yourself.