Oct 13, 2006

For Web 2.0 enthusiasts

Got an email from uber networker Christian Mayaud which I thought you might like, although a VC tells Jason Goldberg that Web 2.0 is over (!) a view echoed by Rob the Businesspundit:
All Things Web 2.0 - The Open Directory

Although still in beta, it already contains the most comprehensive, categorized, and up-to-date listings of all things Web 2.0 --

  • 2200+ Web 2.0 Applications sorted into ...
  • 130+ Categories with ...
  • User Ratings & Reviews and
  • New Applications Listed Daily

All Things Web 2.0 - The Open Directory began as a very popular post on my blog Sacred Cow Dung (also home to my now "infamous" "Cheater's Guide to LinkedIn" Post )

While useful as a starting point to explore the world of Web 2.0, such a list is impossible for any one person to keep current over time. However, converting the static blog list into an open, community maintained, directory seemed to be a "Web 2.0 No-Brainer" --

(Think: Wiki with a bit more structure)