Oct 14, 2006

How much has not happened

Dave Pollard is impatient that the breathless hype of blogs has not resulted in significant change. Patience Dave, you know that organizational changes take at least 3 years to complete, industry change would be longer ( a decade?) and social changes much more longer.

To quote
what Dave is saying:

  • The business world has not embraced weblogs, and has not significantly changed its 'information behaviours' as a result of the availability of blogging content and tools.
  • The news media have not significantly changed their business models or means of operating or communicating as a result of weblogs -- tens of millions of supposed new 'competitors'.
  • The education process has not significantly changed as a result of the availability of a great deal of new, free, context-rich information on weblogs.
  • People have not become acknowledged as 'subject matter experts' as a result of the information they publish on their weblogs -- people aren't getting job offers, awards or recognition in the (other) media because of their blogs.
  • The publishing industry is churning out more 'hard copy' books and magazines than ever before, and it has not significantly changed its business model.
  • De facto networks of trust and reputation have not significantly changed because of weblogs -- ask the vast majority of people who they trust, who they ask for advice, and where they look for advice, and you won't hear bloggers and blogs mentioned.
  • The reason a lot of people go online is social -- to connect with other people rather than to get information. And when they do look online for content rather than connection, what they're looking for(music, health information and porn) is not a significant component of what's on weblogs.