Oct 13, 2006

Joel on blogger relations

Joel says that companies should be taking notice that BR, or blog relations, is outpacing the influence of PR. He then proceeds to name me !

Does your company or PR agency know Jim Stroud, Gautam Ghosh, Dave Mendoza and the rest? Do you? If not, you should. They’ll make you famous.

Well I do know of three business reporters in India who've contacted me for stories :-) But yes, I do get pitches on email from Web 2.0 companies. But I am not a journalist. Far from it :-) However, Desicritics where I occasionally blog, is now being indexed by Google News !

Guess what my teenage ambition was...? Destiny has some strange ways to make old wishes come true :D

Update: Related article Buttering up the Blogosphere from BusinessWeek (subscription required)