Oct 26, 2006

Kay leaves SimplyHired to join Linkedin

I was hanging around the MyLinkedInPowerForum when a mail from Linkedin's Co-Founder Konstantin Guericke caught my eye. Until yesterday, Konstantin was the public face of Linkedin on this egroup of Linkedin enthusiasts (and occasionally, critics). He had announced that from now on the person who would take over the responsibility for playing that role would be Kay Luo.

The name struck me because until a few weeks ago Kay was sending me emails about SimplyHired's new features like "one click" resume posting and featured jobs advertising. Yes, she was until recently the Director of Marketing there.

Shows how deeply entwined something like Business Networking is to job hunting, that the Linkedin founders have understood that recruiters and job hunters are probably the most paying customers they have, and have therefore brought in Kay who knows that market and the users and advertisers very well.

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