Oct 28, 2006

Knowing Knowledge

George Siemens' new book Knowing Knowledge will be out soon but you can download it in three pdf files .

I loved his thoughts on community. Somewhere he gave words to what I have always felt to be true.

When we try to create communities online, we take the same approach—come to our community. The community should come to the user. The true value in the conversations is the connections formed between individuals.
Essentially, a community is a connection-forming space.
Most individuals have created a scattered identity and presence. I have pieces of my thoughts scattered across numerous articles, website, podcasts, and presentations. I do not really want to join a community. I want the connection values of communities to be available to me in my own online space and presence.
Today, communities are about end-user control. We still achieve centralized aims (dialogue about learning and technology), but we do so through decentralized means.
We like to make decisions on “what is known”—what is the skillset required when knowledge moves too fast? We make decisions by sensing, not by knowing in advance.
Complexity corrodes clear paths…we now hold things in suspended states until more is revealed.