Oct 3, 2006

An OD , HR and Blogging consultant

Well, ever since I sent out an email to friends and acquaintences informing them about launching The Imagence Partners, I have recieved a couple of resumes from people who assume that I might be a recruiter too. I admit, some of my blogging buddies are recruiters, but in India these days HR Consulting is coming to be almost synonymous with Recruitment :-)

So, here's a clarification:

I am not a recruiter, headhunter or placement consultant.

My focus is helping organizations developing people and systems that they already have, to make themselves more effective.

There are three main reasons why I am not into recruitment.

  1. Because my skills are mostly around asking questions that help organizations to change and develop.
  2. Because there might be a conflict of interest if I offer recruitment services along with my other services.
  3. We want to remain a small firm and give personal attention to our clients. With the war for talent hotting up in India, recruitment firms cannot afford to be two-people shows :-)

So, if you still send me your resume/CV here is what I will do:
  • I will send it to a recruiter friend and will cc you into the mail, so that you can have the conversation directly with them
  • Follow up emails to me will not be a priority item for me to answer.

Of course, I will continue to link to interesting stuff like this chat the Job Gals are having with technical jobseekers. If you are in India it might be a little late in the evening for you, but Zoe and Gretchen are very good, so it would be worth the trouble of keeping awake !