Oct 31, 2006

Talent Agents ?

Bruce All at the Marketing Catalyst blogs about The New Talent Agents of Corporate America:

"Imagine, in corporate America, having a personal agent on the street making connections, searching opportunities... looking for the next 'star' gig. My first thought is, 'it's about time!'

Her thoughts on the matter -- Too many of the corporate stars are so busy being corporate stars that they have no time to capitalize on what they do best. Why shouldn't they have an agent to promote their talent and enable even greater success? In the end everyone wins. The best person doing exactly what will produce the largest results. And then there is executive coaching."

We are still a long way off in India from this reality. Mostly because unlike sport stars where individual talent is supreme, business performance is very context specific. Many "superstars" of the corporate world discovered it when they tried to join dotcoms during the last boom. They were superstars thanks to the processes and contexts of larger organizations. Performance is a function of skills, talent, managerial effectiveness and organizational processes.

How will such a Talent Agent ensure that the absence of the last two factors will not impact the overall performance of this "superstar" in their next gig?