Nov 2, 2006

Future for the blogging force?

Siva at Brands N Ads says:

"There are bloggers available, writing about every little topic in the world in an interesting way. Entrepreneurs can use this abundant resource to form some thing on the lines of magazine, say blogazine and can present them to the readers in a better way. "
While the concept is interesting I think using Technorati and Google Blog Search is a better way to get your own "blogazine". For example, I have listed my fave 40 blogs on Technorati and whenever I log into it it shows me the posts from there. With Google News now showing a "Search the Blogs" option when you search for anything there...a lot of blogs will be discovered by people who are out of the awareness.

For people blogging is a way to connect with others and express themselves, and the size of the audience will not matter so much as the quality of the conversations. It should not matter if your Technorati rank is 200 or 120,000. Unless you are in it solely for the money.

And that is never a good reason to do anything, not only blogging !