Nov 23, 2006

KM is about OD

KM guru Denham recounts some perennial KM issues firms deal with and I am more and more convinced, that once the IT infrastructure and issues are sorted out, KM is an Organizational Development initiative. I mean, look at what Denham points out to:

  • How to speed learning, increase awareness and share experiences.
  • Helping groups learn from mistakes and errors, practices to carry over learnings from project to project and improve corporate memory.
  • Discovering opportunities and gaps in knowledge flows, improving personal networking and finding experts (in larger firms).
  • Providing environments, tools and processes that encourage informal learning, knowledge sharing of effective practices and stimulate innovation.
  • Improving competitive advantage, agility and adaption by making staff more aware, sharing the small insights, building on incremental improvements.
  • Finding tacit knowledge sources and helping to put these to work.
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