Dec 13, 2006

The best blogs for 2006 awards

It is a huge achievement as there are two blogs from India nominated for the awards, Job Options, which is executive search consultant A K Menon's blog and (ahem!) this blog.

All the nominees are listed here. Some notable blogs I would recommend are Joel Cheesman's blog on all things related to HR search optimization, Jason Goldberg's blog to get an inside sense of how a CEO builds a Web 2.0 based recruiting firm, Jim Stroud's blog for the insightful podcasts, the hilarious cartoons and the secrets of searching and sourcing, the JobSyntax blog, which is a very different career and jobs firm focussed on job hunting secrets for software folk only and of course, last year's winner, Jeff Hunter, who posts a thought provoking post every time.

You need to hop over here and vote.

So what are you waiting for?