Dec 8, 2006

Best Companies to Work for in India

The Best Companies to Work for in India are Indian IT companies, according to a joint study conducted by Mercer Human Resource Consulting, the world's largest HR consulting firm; Business Today, India's number one business magazine and Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS), a leading international market research firm. Source Consultant News

Best Companies to Work for in India 2006 - And my take on what they have going for them (update: Just realised that executive search consultant AK Menon had blogged about it last month)

1. Infosys - The big daddy of Indian IT services. The halo has a lot to do with the reputation of Narayan Murthy and Infosys' spending on sales and marketing (much more than TCS or Wipro)
2. Mindtree Consulting - Started by ex-Wipro employees, has always had a "niche" image about them. Big social conscience. The logo for example was designed by spastic children.
3. Satyam Computer Services - For a long time was considered a wannabe Infosys. Over the last 7-8 years has started to find its own identity and image.
4. Dr Reddy's Labs - One of the rare non-IT companies in the top 10. Global work means more growth opportunities for people internally.
5. Sapient - Located primarily in New Delhi. Strong culture. Great cutting edge work. Marquee clients. What more could an employee want?
6. Agilent Technologies - Offers innovative (for India) work options like telecommuting and compressed work week. The surprise in this result !
7. Johnson & Johnson - Comes back into the list after 2003. Second pharma company in the list. Since Pharma and IT firms are competing on the global stage they have to be great employers :-)
8. Covansys - The second time the IT firm has featured on this list.
9. HCL Comnet - Into niche work. That makes people with a certain specific skill necessary to get in. Does that make managing careers better. Maybe. Some proactive HR policies too that are getting tried there and then adapted by the whole group.
- The only firm from the banking industry to make it in the top ten. Traditionally considered slow and British, HSBC seems to have changed its culture drastically and has managed to attract and retain great talent.

What do you think ? Would love to hear from people currently working in these companies.

Update: It's interesting to note that BPO major Genpact which was on the list last year (even without the GE brand) has dropped out of the list. Could it be that BPO as a sector is maturing and a lot of the things that generated excitement to work in BPOs are taken for granted?

No KPOs on this list too. Why is that I wonder? Their employee strength is too small?

Update 2: Lots of people are commenting as to what are the parameters and how the survey was done. You can find the details here and here.