Dec 8, 2006

Blog readership and AdSense

Perhaps India's only blogger who earns a living through blogging, Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration, evaluates A lister Rashmi Bansal's blog and how she could increase her AdSense earnings.

I even get a link from him in that post. :-)

Amit's technorati rank is 482 while Rashmi's is 5,100.

What does this mean?

While inbound links are tied directly to blog earnings (i.e. more the links, more the readership and therefore, more the clickthroughs) smart ad placements could bring you higher earnings than you do currently. So Amit's advice in invaluable :-)

After changing the ad layout of this blog, I've managed to increase my blog earnings by 200%. Or to say it more truthfully, have cut down the time needed to reach $100 to a third of what it used to take.

It's better, in my opinion if the blog has a niche, because then the ads are more likely to be relevant to the readers. This blog has mostly people interested in HR and careers. Thankfully Google has lots of relevant ads in that domain :-)

How does one build readership for a new blog?

One of the big downsides of blogging is to make yourself noticeable in the numbers. I have been lucky. Being a blogger who started this blog more than 4 years ago, time has been on my side. It's probably unfair but there are lots of great HR bloggers who should get more readership than me.

As a SEO friend of mine explained, the longer your blog has been around, the higher its credibility for Google. The combination of high number of inbound links and a long time blog is very good for readership.

A batchmate of mine started a really funny blog recently on movies (Bollywood), Cricket and Calcutta :-) Here is what my advice was to him on building readership.

First, you've got to keep putting your posts for Desipundit tip-off.

Also register your blog into sites like , as well as Technorati (you could put the code for "buzz" (for Blogstreet) on your post template...check out mine :-)

Also link to specific posts of "A-list" bloggers. Not only does the blogger come to know that you've linked to him but certain blogging services show the readers also who is linking to his post. That brings in more readers. Comment on others' blogs for the same result.

Of course, the easiest way to get readership is to be controversial :-)

I forgot to add that registering a blog on Technorati and then tagging it with keywords could be a great way for readers to discover your blog. That's how the Fortune Innovation Blog discovered this blog and added it to their blogroll.