Dec 13, 2006

Blogs as a marketing tool

Well I've thought of blogs as a tool for self-expression, and a community tool, also as a learning tool, but I never really thought of them as marketing tools.

However, ever since we started the Imagence Partners in September I have been getting inquiries for consulting assignments because of the blog.

That's because of the high ranking blogs get in organic search results.

For example take a look at the results of a Google search results for "organizational consultant india":

The 4 results have three from this blog.

Whereas a search for "employment branding India" gives the top two results from this blog, and the third result is my article written on

So, my advice to any startup businesses, or those who cannot afford a lot of cash for traditional advertising and PR - start blogging. Of course, it needs a little bit of time and effort, but if you are really passionate about your work, that shouldn't be too much of an issue- right?

Well if you do have some money, you can always ask me for either a training or consulting assignment on how to integrate social media for your organization :-)