Dec 5, 2006

My marketing brochure

A lot of people told me that I should have a marketing brochure for our consulting venture. I resisted it for two reasons.

The work is pretty unstructured for it to fit neatly into any kind of "brochure" and having a brochure means that you're first thinking of what you want to sell, rather than what the client needs
This blog is the "brochure" as far as I was concerned, since my thoughts reside here, and isn't that what consultants sell, in the first place?

However, a few clients did want some document that I could email in a jiffy before they call me back. So I put this together. Please note, it's a pdf file so you need to have Adobe Reader installed to read it. Any feedback is welcome. I do a pretty bad job at marketing and selling, so I am sure there must be a lot of things I could do better in this document. So fire away, either in the comments or by email.

I also made a one page profile about myself that people sometimes ask for. Feedback on that is also welcome :-)