Dec 15, 2006

The really top end jobs

Metrics 2.0 says "Harvard professor Lucian Bebchuk calculates that senior managers in U.S. companies receive up to 10% of after-tax profits in any single year. On this arithmetic, companies could save as much by outsourcing 100 top management jobs to India as by eliminating 10,000 workers. "

Heh. Interesting thought. Highly unlikely though. An intriguing thought nevertheless. Imaging the Accenture CEO's job being done by Nandan Nilekani or that EDS outsources its CEO's job to Jerry Rao at its BPO firm Msource. I think Accenture and EDS will have more to gain to learn about the global outsourcing model and the Indian CEOs to learn about leading a truly global organization.

But who will bell the cat? ;-)