Dec 6, 2006

Retail and Agriculture set to boom in India

A K Menon posts about the coming revolution in India for jobs in Retail and Agriculture
specifically in Hyderabad and forecasts what that would mean in terms of jobs.

As a Hyderabadi customer, I can see the retail revolution in fruits and vegetables happening around me in the last few months! ITCs echoupal was the first entrant. Reliance has a bunch –both their own units as well as franchises. Our erstwhile CM Mr Chandrababu Naidu's Heritage group is launching abt 20 outlets in the coming month. The German MNC Metro- though in the B2B business –is launching its Hyderabadi distribution centre later this week (30th)! The prices of vegetables has significantly come down in the recent past. The latest rumour in the market is that Pantaloon groups Mr Biyani would enter the market and insulate us from the fluctuating prices of vegetables-by giving fixed prices for a certain period!!

And as an executive recruiter his take on employment is as follows:

Once the jobs are on offer, its only a matter of time when we can see people flocking to short term in retail or sourcing, or even customer management. Who wouldn’t want to have a well paying job right in the neighbourhood of his home?
interesting lesser known facts that he shares:

Air Deccan's Capt Gopinath's- next dream- start a fleet of cargo planes- that can airlift agricultural produce from across 400 airports ( commercially even one fourth aren’t used today by the passenger flights!)- and hence help reach markets in quick time.

Wow ! About time Indian businesses went rural and revolutionalised the whole value chain. It's one thing that hasn't changed too much over the last few decades.

(N.B: AK Menon is a client of mine. Usual disclosures apply)