Dec 21, 2006

Shally's reading me

At CyberSleuthing! Shally lists his favorite blogs and I am honored to be on that illustrious list ! He says:

"# Read Gautam to learn about leadership and gain deep perspective on the recruitment marketplace in Asia and the global village.
# A strategic Organizational Development consultant in the HR space, Gautam's unique multicultural views contribute towards shrinking our planet and bringing all of our worlds closer together."

Wow ! That's a huge responsibility. I wish I can really live up to that.

As Shivam says in this video interview with CNN IBN a blogger is responsible to his/her readership and the readership expects you to be accountable to them.

Thanks for reminding me, Shally, of your expectations from me :-)

By the way, if you are a Recruiter or a Sourcer I would urge you to go to Shally's list and check out the blogs he lists. There are a lot of my favourites (like, Glenn, Xceler8ion, Jim, Jeff, CH/RA, the JobGals) among them and some others which I discovered for the first time too.