Dec 5, 2006

To find your dream job

No, I won't tell you how to select firms, apply to them, use executive search consultants (recruiters, headhunters, etc.) or websites like Monster Worldwide job board or even the vertical search engines like Rediff Job search in India or Indeed, Simply Hired or Jobster in the US.

You can find enough resources to do all the above if you search the internet.

This post is about the first step to finding your dream job.

Knowing yourself.

No two human beings are alike.

So why model your career on what others have done? You probably did engineering or MBBS or CA because most of your cousins, neighbors, classmates were doing it.

You joined your first job because that's what landed first on your lap and you said "Heck, I can use the paycheck, so I'll do it."

Then you probably did a post-graduation, an MTech, MS, MCA or MBA because your co-workers were doing it.

Essentially you ended up as a patchwork of other people's ambitions.

When did you get to know what you love to do? When did you ask yourself that question instead of asking others "What should I do?"

So here is what you need to do.

Take a break. Let your thoughts wander. Focus away from the here and now. Think about the future. Remember the past. Remember the times you have been happy. What was the dominant feeling that made you feel that way. What did you do to be happy?

Reflect. For some reflection and introspection is easy. For others, it is not. If you belong to the latter category, then talk to someone you trust. Tell that person to just hear you out and ask questions. Not to give you advice.

Think about what you like to do. If you get a high by achievement then a job that needs you to empathise with others will make you unsatisfied. Look for the jobs where you get a high.

Think about what you don't like to do. Hate confronting people? Don't take a role that needs you to confront others. Simple.

Then do your research about the jobs that incorporates what you like to do, a majority of the time.

Then go out and plan, strategize and deploy your tactics. People like David Perry will offer you solid advice on how to go about it.