Dec 12, 2006

Too smart for Google

CNNMoney has a provocative piece Google's talent may be headed out the door - Dec. 5, 2006: "Think about it: there can only be one smartest person in every room. There are dozens of trophy hires and incredibly smart, entrepreneurial minds buried inside Google who are fast-becoming frustrated with their inability to accomplish anything. And while Google motors along, minting money with its AdSense and AdWords programs, these brilliant minds are getting antsy."

Yes, there is a downside to having too many brilliant employees. You have to intellectually challenge them on an everyday basis. That is great when a company is growing. But the scenario changes when growth slows and businesses mature. When 100 projects give way to 5 major ones. Not all of these 100 geniuses can lead the 5. Hence, 95 of them will either take to playing second fiddle or armed with their millions start their own company for their own idea.

The second outcome seems more possible. Maybe it's not yet time for Google.

But it surely is around the corner.