Dec 15, 2006

Voice for blogs

Linkedin, which is my first choice for business networking, is losing one of it's co-Founders (and VP Marketing) Konstantin to a new startup called Jaxtr (blog here)

Konstantin however will continue to be associated with Linkedin as an advisor (which is a great thing, for us on the Linkedin egroups, he was the face of the company :-)

Konstantin describes Jaxtr as:
Jaxtr allows you to link you existing phone(s) to your LinkedIn profile to let people who visit your profile to call you from all over the world and without international phone charges-even if they call you from their mobile phone.

Unlike Skype, all people who want to contact you need is a phone. They don't
need to register for anything, download/install software, have a broadband connection, buy/use a headset, etc. And they can call you on your regular landline or mobile phone, so you don't need download anything either or be tied to your PC when someone is calling you.

And all this works while you keep your own phone numbers private.

Jaxtr works on blogs, MySpace and even in email/IM.
That sounds like a game changing innovation. I have signed up for the beta and hope to have the widget on this blog when I get it :-)