Dec 2, 2006

XLRI alumni and book authors

There must be a reason why so many of my fellow XLRI alumni are getting round to writing books !

The floodgates opened with Abhijit Bhaduri's "Mediocre but Arrogant" set in the fictional B School called MIJ (Management Institute of Jamshedpur). In fact there are two sequels and a movie also in the pipeline !

This was followed by Drizzles of Yesteryears, written by my good friend and General Secretary of the batch, MK Ajay. Another batchmate Shoma Narayanan won a short story writing award from DNA.

Anu Kumar then wrote Letters for Paul.

And now Nandita da Cunha (who is a Consultant with one of the big 4 professional services firms) has come out with "The Magic of Maya"

Hmm, too much peer pressure building on me to write a book now.

Any publishers out there willing?

Or should I try ?