Jan 12, 2007

The best airline in India?

Domestic airlines have been attacked repeatedly (not without reason!) by bloggers and MSM for shoddy service and delayed flights.

This post is quite the opposite. I really loved the service and the quality of seating at Paramount Airways, a Chennai based regional airline, when I flew Chennai-Hyderabad recently. They call themselves high value carrier (HVC) and as they say on their website, they really live up to it:

The only Airline in India to offer Full Business Class service at prices comparative to Normal Economy class fares of other Airlines. Our focus will be on unparalleled Comfort and Convenience.

They had provisions for a free lounge service at the airport (for economy and business travelers) as well as full meal service on the flight and spacious seating.

Well, they didn't have the inflight entertainment like Kingfisher Airways, but they'll get my patronage whenever I fly in South India again.

Heh, eat your heart out folks in Mumbai, Delhi and other non-South Indian towns ;-)