Jan 17, 2007

Blogging's value

One of my ex-bosses, Rick (who himself blogged for therapy, after he escaped the tsunami in Phuket) once asked me "Gautam, what is the value blogging has added to you?"

That got me thinking as to why exactly I blog, and because Rick is not just an occasional blogger. He's also the hyperactive head of learning in one of the divisions of a fortune 100 company.

So today when I received the following email from a B School student from western India, it makes the value of blogging apparent to me.

This mail is to express my heart felt gratitude and regards to you and of course your extremely useful blog that have enabled me crack 5 companies on day 0 itself . Finally I've decided to take up ITC .
May I have the audacity to seek your guidance and support in my future endeavors also now that I'm all set to enter my corporate stint .

I'm grateful for the person who wrote this mail to credit me and this blog with playing a part in his success.

It makes an old blogger happy. Specially since it goes against the fundamental attribution error.