Jan 22, 2007

Indian organizations in the Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises

My ex-colleague from HP, Stan Garfield points out the European and Asian winners of the MAKE award at his blog Line56.com: KM Blog: and the Indian firms that make it to the list in 2006 are:

"4. Infosys Technologies (India) - Information technology services
10. Satyam Computer Services (India) - Information technology services
12. Tata Consultancy Services (India) - Information technology services
13. Tata Steel (India) - Metal fabrication
16. Wipro Technologies (India) - Information technology services"

The MAKE award is given to the organizations that most effectively capture, manage and reuse knowledge for competitive advantage. Toyota is the overall Global MAKE Winner for the second year in a row.

According to the 2006 Global MAKE Report, European knowledge-driven organizations are failing to keep pace with their Asian and North American counterparts, and more organizations are relying on innovation for the competitive advantage. More at Jack Vinson's blog.

Great to see Tata Steel amongst the Indian winners amongst the IT services firms. It makes it amply clear that every business is becoming a knowledge based business and unless every organization knows what it knows and then, knows what it does not know, it will find it difficult to survive !