Jan 13, 2007

Ways to get a job - impress the founder

At least that's what Mehul did to Munjal (of Like.com and Riya)

One day just after the launch, he shows up with a bottle of wine (clearly he read my blog post about how we got the Like.com name) at the office and drops off his resume.

I figure I should at least have lunch with him for his cleverness (this only works once btw - so at least be creative if you want to try this). He was smart, articulate, and had some good ideas on how to improve the site.

Oh, that means you have to read the CEO's blog.

Oops, that means the CEO has to have a blog. That really crunches the companies you can apply your creativity and CV to.

Too bad people like KM Birla, Narayan Murthy or Ratan Tata don't have blogs ;-)