Feb 7, 2007

Corporate Blogging

When I talk to people that businesses should blog because it increases communication and opens up transparency, most of the people say "But ours is not a technology company. Why should we be blogging?"

That's because whoever you are, your customers might be online and searching for you. Corporate blogging is a good way for you to authentically communicate without "corporatespeak".

Here are two examples, from the non-technology world, of companies that are blogging.

  • McDonald's corporate responsibility blog is focussed on CSR. And for a company that's been under fire for promoting unhealthy food habits, it's a way forward to showcase their thoughts and work in CSR. For example, take this post on which they link to another blog (which is rare in corporate blogs) on the topic of Milton Friedman's views on CSR. Also take a look on the response to the comments.
  • The other example is South West Airlines' blog, (link given by Praneeth Reddy) As you would expect from SWA, it's cheeky and fun for the most part, reinforcing the branding of the airlines. They have RSS, they have comments enabled, but strangely they don't have post titles !

So what's your excuse for not having a corporate blog?