Feb 7, 2007

Happenings in the HR and Recruiting world

From two press releases that I received:

HRmarketer.com has debuted the first online community designed for HR and employee benefits vendors, where members can network, talk shop, and even post job listings.

Hmm, I wonder how different it is from the HR.com marketplace. In other news,

JobFlash has created a new brochure providing common-sense ideas for employers who want to attract more - and better - job candidates, available free from our web site.

The Multicultural Advantage group (read their blog here) recently published a Diversity Recruitment Marketing Best Practices Checklist. This 40 page downloadable PDF features 164 strategies. You can download it here.

And the JobSyntax ladies are onto something new:

Gretchen and Zoe announced a partnership with JobBurner.com, a new website which employs personality matching and interactive social networking features to match employers and jobseekers. Gretchen has signed on as the VP of Product Marketing, and Zoë, who is expecting her first child later this month, will be acting as JobBurner’s Business & Marketing Advisor.

Looking at the common trends between these seemingly different pieces of news are two fundamental themes: community building and simplification of the job hunting process. I am sure and confident that these two themes will emerge more and more important to the online job hunting process (for both employers as well as job seekers). Community is the new way to employment branding.

How are you preparing for simplicity, convenience and community?