Feb 16, 2007

Indra Nooyi's three point plan for PepsiCo

AK Menon blogs about it:

Ms Nooyi's ambition of making Pepsi the defining corporation of the 21st century-by focussing on a three point agenda

-human sustainability-ensuring people live healthy and longer
-environment sustainability-making the world a better place to live for our children
-employee sustainability-making the company the best people want to come and work in

I sure hope that the intentions are backed by actions also. Most of the time when a corporation wants to chart out a divergent path from it's successful strategy of the past, the money still comes from that legacy.

ITC is trying to use the cash that comes from cigarette sales to fuel the growth in non-tobacco areas.

Would Pepsi be more adventurous? Sure Quaker Oats is a good beginning, but for a firm that sells aerated sugared water and potato chips, walking the talk on human sustainability and environment sustainability is going to be difficult.

Ms. Nooyi, we'll be watching you :-))