Feb 1, 2007

Moving to the new blogger

Blogger finally decided to let me move to the new version of blogger. With more than 1400 posts I think I was among the last people to be invited to move :-)

So am trying a new template, with a simplistic plain look. Even though the last K2 template was pretty good, I thought the font sizes were a little too small :(

And yes, I am excited about one thing on the new blogger, tags for posts, or "labels" as Google insists on calling it :-). The labels will be updated for the last 600 posts slowly over the next 2-3 days. So you will see the list of labels on the left hand column changing quite a lot :-)

Seems like it is a time for consolidation of logins. Yahoo told me to move my flickr "old-skool" account to a yahoo id too. If ever Yahoo and Google were to merge they would know more about every websurfer than most spouses ! :D

Oh and amongst other things January 2007 was the highest month by traffic on this blog !