Feb 8, 2007

My startup is worth...

Yes, folks, we've finally come out of stealth mode. My company is called Photor.io.us, a folksonomised, collaborative Social Network with its innovative revenue model based on Google Ads !

Bubbleprice suggests here's how I can spend the money:

  • Pay Your Staff's Wages

    Top economists agree that employees derive a much greater satisfaction from working when they are remunerated for their services.

  • Food Perks

    With $1,279,200 you can probably afford to buy your nocturnal coders some delivery pizza now and again, right?

  • Totally Sweet Chairs

    People work best when sitting on $1000 chairs. Studies have shown this and science is infallible.

  • Toys

    Launch schedule looking shaky? Keep employees in the office for longer by making it feel like home. Arcade booths, pool tables and dirty laundry strewn about the floor may give a huge boost to productivity.

  • A Hot Masseuse

    The ad agency on the floor above gets one, so why shouldn't we?

[Hat tip: Rob the Pundit]

Ok ok, folks who are humor-challenged, this is a J-O-K-E. So don't send congratulations my way, yet ! ;-)