Feb 22, 2007

NDTVjobs.com blog

Was surprised to see a link from NDTVjobs.com's blogs (update: link does not work anymore so removed it) to this post of mine.

You know what is crappy on their blog and website?

To leave a comment one needs to register (!!) with them. (Maybe they should read Guy's blog if they don't already. Enforced registration, according to him, is the top most stupid and silly way to hinder adoption)

I guess building conversations is not the the purpose of the NDTVjobs.com site, but merely to get some free content up there.

While I don't grudge them that, it would have been better from their side if they had added their own perspective for their readers.

By merely copying my initial content and then linking, NDTVjobs is not adding any value to its readers. It's merely saying "we have no perspective on this". In fact, then they should merely state that they are aggregators of career and jobs related content and not a blog really. And if they want to do that, maybe going the Chimby way would be much better for them and their readers.

Paras informs me that the link says "page not found".


Guess the folks in NDTVjobs didn't like the criticism too much :-))

Added: My first review of the NDTVjobs site and their blogs. The links to Careerjournal and ezinearticles, alas, remain.