Feb 22, 2007

Search terms

It's kind of educative to see what people were searching on search engines when they find this blog.

Take a look at some of the recent search terms which led their users to this blog :-)

  • ABC CONSULTANT - I think I should refer this person to my friend Aditya Singh :-)
  • (media OR entertainment) AND (consultant OR consulting) AND resume - Obviously someone who knows Boolean search very well. Must be a recruiter. Sorry to have disappointed you, friend.
  • list of top Indian companies to work with - Ok this person obviously wasn't disappointed :-)
  • watson wyatt - must have been intrigued by the post on Watson Wyatt evangelising blogging.
  • Infosys HR generalist interview questions+pdf - Just a suggestion. When using Google to search for pdf documents, specifically use filetype:pdf as a search type. Hmm and HR generalists need help for interviews? Very strange ;-))
  • HR issues faced by pepsico , india - Sadly they haven't told me yet :D
  • deloitte canada - Ok ok, I know why they found this blog then !
  • paul mckinnon dell - Lots of people want to know why Paul left. Hmm...as a matter of fact even I do.
  • dell hell betweendate:20060701,20060707 - This person was probably looking for Jeff Jarvis' blog.
  • indian resume formats - Hmm, I didn't know there were nationally mandated formats for resumes. When did parliament vote for them :-) ?
  • management consultancy international level - Hmm.
  • employee Engagement Framework - Didn't find what you were looking for? Give me a call !
  • HR Issues in BPO Sector - Ditto
  • employee training and development at Cipla - Wow, that's very specific. Is this a prospective employee doing pre-joining homework?
  • job vacancies in tata consultants service for singapore airlines - Hmm, so that means someone is very specific for which project in TCS he/she wants to apply. I wonder why!
  • challenges of employee training - This searcher would have found something useful on this blog.
  • grow talent - Why is this person reading my blog instead of going to growtalent.com ?
  • deepak parekh noel tata indian business men - huh?
  • iflex attrition rate - Sorry you won't find that here.
  • vacancy at tata sky kolkata - Try searching on a jobsite, willya?
  • Harsha Bhogle contacts - Huh ??

That was entertaining and I learnt a lot about how people are finding this blog.