Feb 6, 2007

Some Links

There's an intriguing blog called Don't Panic Design that's added this blog to its blogroll. But only two test posts. But the what's in it for me page promises good stuff to come. We're waiting !

Bill Ives, who's also blogging at the FastForward blog talks about a survey about social media in the Fortune 500. So is Enterprise 2.0 ready to roll?

I've been hanging out at Susan Ireland's Job Lounge where she encourages jobseekers to ask questions about job hunting. So if you are jobseeker and want some guidance, contact Susan.

Paras thinks this is a great business blog. No wait ! He only thinks it could be an advertising line ;-) Read here as he explains a new approach to really targeted Google advertising !

Sanjay Dalal has some ideas how Michael Dell can turnaround Dell the company and beat HP. Well, I have worked at both HP and Dell, and I wish both of them succeed. HP has a great services group and that seems to be a direction Dell should be growing too.