Feb 19, 2007

Want to be a business blogger?

The initial skill for a blogger is patience. Building readership is a slow and sometimes frustrating process. You put out a great post but nobody seems to notice it. No comments. Specially if you are writing about anything other than entertainment, culture and politics :-)

Sometimes however, there are opportunities for new bloggers to get a readymade loyal reader base. One such opportunity is now! Rob the businesspundit is looking for a couple of business bloggers to join him.

As he says:
The primary criterion is that you love business. You should enjoy reading about business, thinking about business, talking about business, writing about business, and engaging in business. You have to be willing to be a little controversial, and not afraid of criticism. It helps if you have a particular interest in some or all of the following: entrepreneurship, finance/accounting, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, economics, new technology, management, strategy, execution, and leadership. It probably helps if you are a bit skeptical of manias and fads, and are highly interested in the thought processes and decision making side of business. It also helps if you are interested in how the academic side of business can be applied to the real world. Prior writing or blogging experience isn't necessary, but it does help.

If you fit the mail contact him at (rob-at-businesspundit (dot) com). Did I mention that businesspundit is ranked 2718 on Technorati with incoming links fr0m 715 blogs?