Mar 29, 2007

AK's first video interview

Jim Stroud, who is a 'searchologist' in the Microsoft Recruiting team was recently in Hyderabad to train the Microsoft recruiters here on the intricacies of sourcing passive candidates over the internet. (by the way, if you are a recruiter and are interested to know the tricks of the trade, you can buy Jim's training videos)

While he was here, he met up with my good friend and client AK Menon, and invited AK for his first ever video interview.

You can see the video here, and hear what AK has to say about recruiting in India, expatriates coming back home, life in Hyderabad and blogging in India.

I personally found his insights into how the recruiting needs of the Indian subsidiary of US IT firms have changed over the last few years, and how blogging is helping him connect with executive search consultants from countries in Europe and other places.

The most interesting bit was how AK's discovering new professions by connecting to people across the world. Who would have known that there is a career in carbon credit trading ?!!