Mar 31, 2007

Am in a comic !

Well I never thought this dream of mine would be realised. Yeah, Amitabh Bachchan had his own comic. So did Sunil Gavaskar and now even Sachin Tendulkar does.

So I am in good company, as Jim Stroud has made me a guest cartoon character in his comic series The Recruiting Life ( if only driving in Hyderabad was a qualification for getting a job at Geektech!).

Congrats Jim, for 100 comic strips. And don't forget to check out AK Menon in another comic strip as he gets recruited for the role of a software engineer because of his cricketing skills ;-))

Updated: My video interview with Jim on topics like business blogging and HR and OD. You can find the video on Jim's site and also see it below :-)

Please excuse the long pauses and excessive gestures. Seeing and hearing oneself talk is a huge and crushing blow to one's self esteem and ego, I have discovered :-(

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