Mar 28, 2007

Bloggers being mean and disgusting

I am a devoted follower of the Creating Passionate User blog. I think what Kathy has done with her insight into technology and marketing is amazing. Consistently high quality content and lots of insights that go beyond common place.

So it was with a growing sense of despair that I read this post by her, where she describes her feelings of fear, danger, violation after receiving death threats ! Not just by unnamed trolls, but even other bloggers (well known bloggers, like Cluetrain author Rageboy) who had gathered for "puposeful anarchy" at a site called meankids (now down)

Purposeful anarchy?

How much of an oxymoron is that !

Here's Doc Searls' thoughts. Scoble's reactions.

Definitely disgusting.

Hope Kathy gets back to blogging after this. But that's a selfish wish. If she chooses not to continue, I'm sure all her grateful readers would understand.