Mar 23, 2007

On emotions

It's a pleasure to welcome a friend Ishita to the blogosphere, and her first post is about acknowledging emotions in the workplace.

As she writes that bit about swiping one's card and leaving emotions outside is so true in organizations,
that's why words like Human "resources" and "talent" management are such buzzwords
people seem to shy away from calling employees as "people"
what has changed from the industrial era where people were called "hands" ? As she says:

We hire a complete human being into an organization. One human being, who is complete with competence, capability, experience and emotions. We expect several such complete human beings to stay and work together in a confined space (at times very large confined spaces) for several hours and yet we preach – “Don’t bring emotions into the workplace”

On the other hand, most of the workplace conflicts arise out of different emotions having being expressed at the wrong place. Stands true not only for negative emotions, but also for positive emotions.

A key skill for anyone growing in the corporate jungle, as I have posted earlier, is recognizing emotions (both of self and others), managing it and expressing it appropriately.