Mar 30, 2007

some interesting links

Noticed this blog, and I hope the anonymous author posts some of his/her "surreal" HR experiences in a plant. Looking forward to it :-)

The Evil HR lady (love that name!) goes to a Mexican restaurant and thinks about equal opportunity and affirmative action. A deliciously evil and tongue-in-cheek post.

Penelope stresses on the fact how self-esteem is critical to career success and holds up Paris Hilton as an example. Though I disagree that millenials are the self-esteem generation. Well, maybe, at an average level self-esteem is moving up after generations, but there still will be people with low self-esteem and people with high self-esteem in each generation. It ultimately boils down to the culture of the place one is born in and the quality of parenting one is given.

Dub Dubs looks at how early career can be a time of learning and that organizations are not always closed to ideas and innovation. This post also touches on generational issues in the workplace. Of course, it's not always easy for organizations to embrace innovation, specially if it flies in the face of everything that the organization believes in and has made it successful in the past.

Russ Eckel also things that generalising about generational issues is not smart, and that work ethic is not really dead, unlike what others may believe.