Mar 1, 2007

US job satisfaction levels going down

Sudhanshu points to an interesting report that states that younger American workers are least satisfied with their jobs.

Satisfaction is important, but I believe that the higher thing to aspire for is engagement with the job.

Satisfaction focusses too much on the external factors that an organization can tinker with. The pay, the benefits, the overtime, the job titles. I am not saying that these are not important, but focusing on these factors takes away the energy from focusing on the really important bit: the work and the innate talent of the person.

Once HR professionals and managers start to get that alignment right - because it can't be "templated" it is not an easy approach - external factors remaining the same, satisfaction will go up.

If you are an employee, you can help your manager to take that decision. Reflect. Look at what you do well, and what you don't. Think about the roles where you can really make a difference and which excites you. Communicate that as your career goal to your organization.

Your career growth is your onus. You need to steer it rather than waiting for your managers and HR professionals to guide you.