Apr 5, 2007

Advisory vs Full Scale Consulting

Top Consultant interviews KPMG's Alan Downey and explores the return of the accountancy firms back to consulting.

Can they move back to being "client side advisory" firm, as distinct from the end-to-end supplier with fingers in the pies of outsourcing and systems integration. The website asks: Are the big consultancies just sales engines for outsourcing and integration, or do the accountants lack the resources to follow through on their advice?

My view is that the notion of consulting itself has changed. There are no "pure" consulting firms anymore. Business and technology consulting are increasingly becoming fused. While the competencies usually exist in an uneasy truce in most firms, they understand that putting all the eggs in one basket does not make sense.

Consulting itself is moving away from the partnership model, and where focus was on per consultant productivity, and moving to becoming listed firms. The advice business is moving across silos. Consulting firms are also treading in the traditional arenas of other industries like advertising firms and design firms.

The business world is getting more integrated and consulting firms are only reflecting that reality :-)