Apr 26, 2007

Article on Corporate Blogging in India

The Asia Times Online has an interesting article on the rise of corporate blogging in India:

Indian corporate giants such as the Tata Group are happy with returns from blogging. Ankush Gupta, corporate marketing group manager and "blog evangelist" who runs the Tata Interactive Systems (TIS) blog, told ATol that his people set out with a clear objective to give the world a window to Tata's inner working - and he said it's working, both inside and outside.

Software giant Infosys (US$4 billion in revenues in the current fiscal year) operates a blog, "Think Flat", with postings from its top brass including from Nandan Nilekani, the chief executive officer and managing director; Aditya Jha, the head of global brand and communications; Stephen Pratt, the CEO and managing director of Infosys Consulting; and Richa Govil, the group manager of its corporate marketing section.

While the Infosys blog is heavier with shop talk, snacks major Fritolay started a blog this month offering a more informal report of office outings such as a river-rafting expedition on the Ganges River and events in the company factory. Abhijit Bhaduri, who runs the Fritolay blog, said it is getting popular with employees.

"Corporate blogs will grow as we realize the ability to impact on opinions," Bhaduri told ATol. "Today people use networking sites for information about prospective companies even before they have joined work, like networking groups of all MBAs [masters of business administration] or engineers. The corporate blogs help you join the conversation."

Other corporate head honchos such as Rajeev Karwal have begun to publish personal blogs. Karwal's blog says it's intended to "express gratitude to people, organizations, stories and situations which have taught me some important lessons in professional and personal life".

But all this is just the tip of the ice-berg as far as I am concerned. Watch out for video blogging and local language blogging as broadband and technology increases and catches on.

As the saying goes, you ain't seen nothin' yet ;-)