Apr 23, 2007

Flying the Thunderbird

I finally moved to the Thunderbird email client, and I love it. Checking multiple Gmail accounts is an absolute breeze compared to MS Outlook. It has web 2.0 features like tagging and familiar Gmail ability to store conversations together, starring items, etc.

It also has a built in RSS reader which makes life so easy. Exporting subscriptions from Google reader and Bloglines as an OPML file and importing them into thunderbird makes it possible for me to read emails and RSS feeds from the same application. Very similar to what Yahoo Mail beta does.

Speaking of webmail, I discovered that Linkedin now gives you the ability to see which of your webmail contacts are on Linkedin, and if you are not connected to them, to invite them to connect with you :-)

This is particularly helpful if you use gmail, as it stores all the addresses you sent mail to in the contact list (Yahoo mail beta can do that too, if you configure it)