Apr 14, 2007

How big is Orkut in India?

According to Alexa it's the second ranking website in India ! Coming below Yahoo and above Google India and Google.com. So Google owns three of the top 4 sites in India.

What is more interesting is after Rediff and MSN (the .com version, not the .co.in version!) YouTube comes in at number 7. We've heard of lack of broadband in India, but YouTube's popularity is really staggering in that light!

Jobsite Naukri.com is number 8, showing up as the first specialised website in the ranking (being the first jobsite in India obviously contributes to that), followed by Blogger.com. Yes, Indians are taking to social media like ducks to water. Orkut, YouTube and Blogger's Alexa ranking shows that. Again, all three are owned by Google.

Indians also like to share files over the internet that shows the popularity of Rapidshare and Megaupload, both coming in on the top 15 websites.

The first mainstream media website is Indiatimes at number 13 followed by soft-porn site Debonairblog.

Cricket's not really taken a beating, as cricinfo which is the preferred site for NRIs to follow the game is number 17 followed by music site Raaga.com and desi portal Sify.com